JR Martinez

TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged
Scars are like tattoos but with better Stories

It’s just an ordinary day… until it isn’t. A distraught mother jumps through a window to save her son engulfed in flames; a chemistry class explosion at an elite boarding school derails the life of one of its star students; a soldier is ravaged by a roadside bomb in Iraq; a teen race car driver is trapped in a blazing wreck while her parents look on, powerless to help; and a loving family says ‘sweet dreams’ Sunday night unaware their home will be reduced to ashes before dawn. All face the cruel onslaught of fire and survive.

With heart and grace, TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-forged celebrates the courage and strength of burn survivors as they reclaim their lives after the devastation of fire. The film follows the journeys of ordinary people who rise above their injuries to discover unexpected insights and a transformed worldview. Through extraordinary courage, grit, and determination, all re-forge their destinies by first embracing – and then achieving – new dreams. These powerful stories are framed and given insight by veteran, actor and speaker, J.R. Martinez.


When metal is forged with fire it becomes stronger.
It turns out the same is true of the human spirit.

TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged
Inspirational stories that could save your life.

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