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TRIAL BY FIRE is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) production being made under
the fiscal sponsorship of The Center for Independent Documentary.
All funds donated are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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Support for TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged presents a unique opportunity for corporations to align their business initiatives with social responsibility in a visible and meaningful way. Funds are still needed to complete the production. For more information about how you can become a corporate supporter of TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged please contact:
Megan Smith-Harris | megan@pyewackitt.com | (203) 210-5295

The Boyd Family Foundation
First Alert
The Phoenix Society
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Sara Allen
Anne Burton Smith
Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation
CT Career Fire Chiefs’ Association
Doctors Hospital
Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts
The Fire Fighters Burn Institute
Simon & Julene Greenshields
Janice & Michael Hess
Hal & Judy Higby
Jay & Courtney Kleeman
Hal & Ruth Newman
The Spiegel Burn Foundation
Jeff & Pam Bassock
David Bruschi
David & Maureen Canary
Julie Carey
Julie Curtis
James D’Heron Foundation
George & Georgia Davala
Rita & Richard Dieguez
Karl & Nancy Dolnier
Judy Doris
Richard Dougherty
Eugene & Ann Ferguson
Adrienne Foran
Glitterworks Studio/Laurie Davis
Manny Gonzalez
Nicholas Gutfreund
Helen Hoart
Home Court, Inc.
Leslie Hueglin
Dylan Lewis
Scott & Ellen Lewis
Shannon Lewis
Jim & Lisa Lillie
Gerard & Pam Lillis
Gail Murphy
National Fallen Firefighters Fnd.
Patricia Pell
Jan Prentice
Nanette Rich
Laura Richards-Kasner
Beverly Rodiger
Catherine & Ed Romer
Russell Matching Gifts
Katherine Shutkin
Heather Smith
Leslie Smith
Stephanie Smith
The Tell Foundation
Charlotte Vale Allen


What the Burn Community says about TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged

“Firefighters risk their lives every day to save people from tragedy. The documentary TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged will save people in other ways, by giving comfort and providing inspiration to the hundreds of thousands of burn survivors – including first responders – who feel isolated, shunned or alone because of their injuries. Ultimately, this film will resonate with all of us because it touches on our common humanity.”

Chief Ron Siarnicki
National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF)

“We are honored to be equated with this project and hope to incorporate the film into our educational and preventive efforts.” USFRA

U.S. First Responders Association (USFRA)

Trial by Fire is an important film to make as it shares the story of burn recovery beyond the trauma allowing others to truly see us. Capturing the story of personal growth despite the odds will help others understand we have more in common than they thought.”

Amy Acton
Executive Director
Phoenix Society

“I am honored to be writing on behalf of the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation to endorse TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged. You very beautifully captured the strength of human spirit so many of us should aspire to have. As firefighters we know that burn injuries are an unwelcome reality in many lives. Many people outside the fire service seem to forget this. Seeing and hearing firsthand accounts from folks who have suffered from, adapted to, and overcome their injuries is truly inspirational. I hope not only to see this film used for training purposes, but also to reach mainstream audiences. Thank you for your important work.”

Sheila Leahy, Firefighter
Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation

“Having gone through burn care first hand, I understand the difficulties in reestablishing a life for oneself. The recovery process is a very long one, and our focus is strictly on recovering. This makes it difficult once we are released from a doctor’s care and step back into the social networking world. As burn survivors our lives are reforged, but through TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged, the general public will be educated about our recovery process to where we are able to forge ahead as one, so the acceptance process is easier once out of the hospital. That’s a true sign of Unity.”

J.R. Martinez
Actor/Motivational Speaker/Burn Survivor

“This is an incredibly emotional film that highlights every firefighter’s commitment to saving lives and puts a face to the miraculous rescues and recoveries we’re involved in every day. So, beyond celebrating the strength and courage of burn survivors, TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged makes me proud to be a firefighter.”

Fire Chief Denis McCarthy, Norwalk
President, CT Career Chiefs’ Association

“I am struck by the beautiful spirit, strength of character and clarity of mind that burn survivors gracefully acquire. The way burn survivors live their life, appreciate what is important and rally for success from the face of life’s greatest adversity is an incredible daily source of inspiration. This documentary shares some of these special people with the world.”

Dr. Jill Waibel
Dermatologist/Specialist in Burn Scar Treatment

“I am honored that our foundation, The James D’heron Memorial Foundation, Inc. is supporting TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged. The beauty of the film is how it has captured the stories of so many courageous burn survivors. Stories that need to be shared and heard. This film shows that burn survivors are truly survivors in every sense of the word; they carry on despite hardships and the trauma they have faced only to persevere through it all. As the daughter of a fire fighter who was mortally burned, it is so very important for everyone to realize what fire does, it takes lives, but it also makes so many lives stronger than anyone can imagine.” USFRA

Erin D’Heron Varga
James D’heron Memorial Foundation

TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged is a ground breaking endeavor for the burn community because it is an opportunity to raise public awareness and tell our stories. Burns do not discriminate. Everyday ‘normal people’ from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, educational levels, values, and socioeconomic levels find themselves suddenly and catastrophically thrust into the world of burn care. This documentary is so important because it is an opportunity for the general public to gain some awareness and sensitivity without having to experience the trauma of a burn injury first hand.”

Liz Dideon-Hess
Clinical Social Worker/ Burn Survivor

“Given the great commitment to burn awareness and fire safety demonstrated by this film and their outreach efforts, The Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts gives its support and endorsement to TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged, an inspirational film that honors the strength and courage of burn survivors and the firefighters, doctors and nurses who help save them.”

Chief Paul Zbikowski, President
Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts

“To be able to recognize courage in people who have endured serious burns and to deliver their stories of pain and strength to an audience takes expertise, integrity and a commitment to the human spirit. With Megan Smith-Harris at the helm, TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged accomplishes all this and more.”

Lesia Cartelli
Executive Director Angel Faces/Burn Survivor

Trial By Fire: Lives Re-Forged is a important documentary that will enlighten the general public about the heroic battles burn survivors overcome on a daily basis. It is an inspirational firsthand account that is vital for the safety and education of our children that will bring much needed exposure to the unsung heroes who teach us that tragedy is a stepping stone to triumph. The professionalism and sensitivity exhibited by Megan Smith-Harris and her crew is exemplary. My family feel honored to be a part of this project.”

Justina Page
Executive Director Amos House of Faith/Burn Survivor
Author, The Circle of Fire

“The Burn survivor community is doubly underprivileged: The trauma most often leaves permanent, visible and potentially disabling scars, sometimes combined with amputations AND the group is comparatively small. There is no ‘Burn Survivor Lobby’ to speak of. Survivors feel alone and outcast. Trial by Fire will mean a big step towards public awareness.”

Dr. Sigrid Blome-Eberwein
Burn Trauma Specialist
Reconstructive Surgeon
Lehigh Valley Hospital Burn Center

“I love the fact that Trial by Fire: Lives Re-Forged is getting made. Everyone else is out of the closet, so why not burn survivors? It’s time for the world to embrace us all. Putting the spotlight on the collective pain that we experience as a community of people who are shunned – and worse -by society, is the only way to encourage compassion and empathy. I thank Megan and the entire crew for their commitment and dedication to this project. I know in my heart that this film can make a difference in the world.”

John Capanna
Woodworker/Burn Survivor
co-author of the soon to be released memoir, Beyond Recognition

“With integrity, sensitivity, and accuracy Megan Smith-Harris and her team capture the recovery and community reentry of burn survivors. She offers viewers the opportunity to experience the often extreme efforts of survivors and their families, on their journey to reclaim (and re-forge) their lives and become productive and successful citizens.”

Barbara Kammerer Quayle
Speaker/Trainer/ Burn Survivor

“It is with tremendous conviction that I support Megan’s effort to introduce burn survivor’s successes and challenges to mainstream America. I am continually told by, “good hearted” people that being severely burned is their worst nightmare. Megan’s amazing insight and compassion gives a glimpse into the all-encompassing challenge of fitting into a visually motivated society. Our society continues to slowly evolve into a more compassionate, educated, and tolerant group because visionaries like Megan demand we stop and take notice of people perceived as different. It is my hope this film helps its viewers find the mindfulness to look a burn survivor in the eye and offer a friendly smile next time paths cross.”

Duane Wright
Associated Clinical Social Worker
Retired Firefighter/Burn Survivor